Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever wondered what the social landscape of Richmond was like before you came teenie-boppin' in chasing big artistic dreams at VCU or 'bottoms up' dreams in Oregon Hill? From what I've gathered over the years according to my baby booming pals it was much like it is today, with some differences. Let me let you in on a few.

1.) No Fan Party Patrol - Are these people 'Fucking' serious?

2.) The City hated music, youth, art, expression, kittens, puppies, rainbows, and walks on the beach then too - only they didn't try AS hard to suppress it.

3.) The James River was NOT somewhere you would want to swim.

4.) Richmond once had a booming downtown scene...I find that extremely hard to believe.

5.) Oregon Hill was, and still kinda is, a white ghetto.

From this era amazing musicians were born. Amazing musicians moved to bigger and better social climates. And of course amazing musicians got married, had families, and 'died.'
Fortunately for us some of these amazing acts have weathered the storm and continue to rock our worlds to this day. I'll give you two examples.
If you're in the mood for some surf style rock and roll with insanely hilarious sometimes ad-libbed lyrics, Vapor Rhinos are the band for you. Joining these seasoned rockers will be Nastacoochie, WV (actually Richmond) band Dick Buttkiss & the Tightends. If the name doesn't give you some sense of their lyrical approach than I will. Here are a few of my favorite lyrics from both bands:

Dick Buttkiss & the Tightends, from their Latin flavored song 'Senor Coq' - "So he stepped inside of a smokey den where there were as many cocks as there were men. He knew right away this was the sport for him all he needed was a cock and than he could join in. He's Senor Coq! He's Senor Coq! He's seen your Coq, Coq, Coq, Coq, Coq!"

Vapor Rhinos, "If you can't cut the mustard, cut the cheese!"

If you see that these guys are playing around town for goodness sakes do yourself a favor and go see them!!

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