Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top 4 reasons Richmond youth are out of touch.

As many of you know and many of you may not know, Richmond is not too far removed from traditional artistic cities. We like most are teaming with young ambitious minds, thirsty for change and aimed for a brighter future. Unfortunately we seem to fall flat when it comes to taking action (and by we, I mean you). I have a few theories that might explain the lack-luster effort of our misguided youth:

1.) They truly believe a Facebook friend is more invaluable to their social status and general happiness than a real friend.

2.) No one ever goes to shows, especially if one or more of the musicians names are not familiar to them. Seriously youths...the older crowd of Richmond rockers are ALWAYS at more shows than you and they're ALWAYS having way more fun than you could ever dream of having. Did you forget how to have fun kids?

3.) PBR is more 'lame' inducing than hip. I'll head up the study,

4.) Our young scene died when dudes started dressing like chicks, and the chicks actually liked it.

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  1. I love! I heard they're doing a festival!?