Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who's with me?

Community Chest booking and promotion is my business. Currently we're two twenty-something-ers and a few select friends who tend to want to help whenever we really need it. Often times I spend my days and nights mulling over interesting ideas that if ever put in motion could possibly change a lot of peoples lives, for the better.
I'm starting to attend regular meetings with SCORE Richmond - which is a program set up for small business owners to go and talk to retired CPA's, business owners, lawyers, etc. My first meeting is tomorrow and I feel like I could spend all day, week, month, or year with this guy asking him a million different questions. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the secretary said that I've only got an hour. So apart from going back to school I've got to do all the footwork myself. Ask.com tends to help but usually the answers to my questions are asked from someone on the other end of the issue. For example the other day I asked how to sell stocks, I got, how to buy stocks. So I sat down and reversed the directions, pulled out a dictionary, and cried.
I guess it's true nothing in life is easy.
Basically I need capital to expand my business. As previously stated I've got a crucial list of ideas and an even bigger list of friends that need jobs. Come to think of it I've probably got more unemployed friends than ideas. It's almost impossible to explain to someone with little to no ambition that taking action and doing something they enjoy will pay off (and I'll help in any way I can!!). They'd prefer to be put in debt by VCU, get a job at a hip deli, or complain about being unemployed. If I could expand I would gladly create work for anyone that wants to do something awesome for themselves. It's hard to take on a mentor role when I'm at SCORE seeking a mentor...
Looks like for now I'll keep learning and fighting the good fight in hopes of realizing yet another goal of mine.

...jesus christ why couldn't I have been blessed with rich parents...

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