Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New York - Philly - Richmond

So Community Chest takes a trip up to Brooklyn, New York to co-pro a show at the famed 'Southpaw' venue located in the heart of the South Slope community. Many people told us that Brooklyn was like a two million population Oregon Hill. Uh ...not really... First off there's a law and a fine for everything. $1,000 fine for not cleaning up your dogs 'business,' $200(or $500) fine for honking your horn - although EVERYONE was honking, fines for littering - Including cigarette butts, the list goes on and on...
Parking was literally a nightmare. I thought people parked bumper to bumper in Richmond! People had these goofy looking black rubber mats on their cars to avoid scratches and scrapes. At first I thought "that's what your bumpers for..." than I noticed people who weren't donning the rubber pad had the most crucial metal scoring I've ever seen. Picture someone painstakingly gouging their car with a paint scraper.
Very few people had tattoos, none of the girls wore makeup, no-one was dressed like you would picture a hip New Yorker to dress...it was pretty boring as far as eccentric people go. The only way it differed from a ho-hum hippie community was ALL THE FUCKING PEOPLE.
Then you enter Southpaw. Man, what a killer venue! Fliers and stickers replace wall paper - they've got an impressive stage and sound booth. There's a lounge area, video/gambling games, a decent sized dance area, lots of interesting old photos and knick-knacks floating around the VERY well stocked bar, a downstairs lounge and VIP-esque section, lots of bathrooms with no doors on the stalls - just curtains. The vibe is high energy come show time. There is a healthy mix of dolled up (obviously single) women, chic men, and of course the t-shirt and jean-clad population as well.
We put 'Holy Ghost Tent Revival' on a bill with: Skeletonbreath, Drink up Buttercup, and the Woohoo Skittle Crazies(not sure if that's right). It was an amazing line up! The show was $10 which the poor Richmond kid exchange rate would be equivelent to a $5 cover I'm assuming. We're fortunate enough to be working hand in hand with DuggyNYC (our hero and Danny's man-crush). He's given us the opportunity to start promoting up in Brooklyn which has thus far been awesome and un-expected. Doug lived in Richmond for a short time here recently but thanks to the restrictions on music, venues, and alcohol in RVA he moved back to NYC and we missed out on an amazing visionary on the rise. Come back Doug-we could use the support!
...oh well...
So metro, getting lost, time square, walking 30+ miles, pizza, thai food, volcano bowl drinks, a dog named Sirius, and plenty of throbbing hangovers later we head off to Philly...
More on this later. Back to work.

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