Thursday, August 20, 2009

You've waited all year and it's finally here....

I'll tell you a little story about how I came to be a Richmonder. It's a simple story about Fun. The type of fun you rarely find anywhere in VA. The type of Fun that makes you feel kinship with a city. I'm talking people, about the type of fun that gives James Madison University and all the date rape house parties the big F-you. The type of fun that tells your parents I don't want your support I do what I want! The type of fun that turns a 20 year old girl into a party-mongering, beer bonging, pit encouraging, drunk off the flask in your pocket, wild child. The type of fun that makes you forget your roots and claim although PBR tastes like carbonated water it is the bourbon of beers and you'll never look back! I'm talking about a catalyst - a single event that makes you forget your roots and assimilate into a community of people that take fun as seriously as you do.
If you didn't know today marks the start of an event that changed my life. BEST FRIENDS DAY The kick off event is tonight at PLAZA BOWL (it's just over the river in the plaza that intersects Broad rock (which is Monument ave) and Hull street (which is just off of COWARDIN, which is the street that BELVIDERE turns into on the opposite side of the river). The party starts at 7pm and will be OUTRAGEOUS so make sure you get there on-time or even a little early so capacity issues don't keep you out of the party.
The list of acts is as follows: (


  1. Monument is not connected to Broad Rock.

    Southside Plaza is at the interesection of Belt Boulevard and Hull Street. Belt Boulevard is the same as Boulevard which connects to Monument Ave in the fan.

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