Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad day in Good ol Richmond

God I'm having a BAD day. I know you all have been there. I'll give you a couple of scenarios and hopefully you'll relate.

1.) You work for a major corporation and you make a choice: do you spend company time on Facebook or do you justify your boring life by working hard and making yourself proud?

2.) You're a college student and you make a choice: do you aim for c's in order to pass because you know your chosen career really only wants to know you HAVE a degree or do you study your ass off and act as a sponge so you can really take advantage of your inevitable debt?

3.) You're in a band (and probably work at a restaurant) and you make a choice: do you play in town, occasionally hit up DC and NC, occasionally update your myspace, and pray one day someone will offer you an opportunity? Or do you promote the hell out of your band, support your local arts community and come hell or high water tour! tour! tour! in an effort to DO something with your music?

4.) You're a small business and talk a big talk about all you'll accomplish for your community you make a choice: realize you don't have enough time, energy or motivation to actually do it? Or do you work your ass off, find extra time in a day, give and give with blind faith, and make a difference?

Share with me if you want to - I'm loosing my faith in everyone.


If you're in the mood for a low-fi folksy kinda evening might I recommend finding yourself at the beautiful locally owned GALLERY 5 (located at 200 W.Marshall in Jackson Ward) for: Mostly Dimes, Liza Kate, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships and Sweatpants!? What an awesome night this will be. If you're new to town and don't know what the music scene is like here - there are a few bands playing tonight that you NEED to familiarize yourselves with!

Aw, I'm feeling better already!

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  1. There's more than one answer to these. Sometimes people have more than one thing going on in their lives or multiple people with conflicting ideals. Communication is key and the relationships we make with each other is sometimes more important than what you "DO" with our music. There's musical content, other arts, other ways to feel alive and bring peace into your family. Other ways to stand up and be awesome in your own life other than the answer one person might give to one question.